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“The Villa D’Assio Relais is the result of an act of love and madness”, this is what Mauro Angeletti told us describing the history of its meticulous renovation, looked after by Mr Angeletti himself for 13 long years, ‘till what comes to our sight today as a marvellous burg.


The Villa D’Assio Relais has been and it is a nineteenth-century burg where once lived the farmers of the Ludovico Spada Veralli Potenziani Prince’s Farm. It rises on a quiet hill, into the beautiful, soft and characteristic rosy countryside, completely absorbed into the wonderful atmosphere of the Lungo and Ripasottile Lakes District.


The relais takes its name from the vestiges of the ancient and stately Roman villa of the 1st century BD, now part of the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) heritage. It was property of the Roman Consul and Senator Quinto Assio, who’s ruins are now visible into the Relais park, just under the three suites that are some meters away from the burg centre. There’s no need to spend too much words in explaining the marvelous realties of the Villa D’assio Relais: come here and enjoy the contact with nature, the quitness and the relax we can offer you.


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